If you’re looking for ways to be of service beyond the group level there are a few openings currently on the Central Service Committee:

  1. PICPC Committee Chairperson: The PICPC (Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community) Committee’s purpose is to inform the public about the A.A. program and in cooperation with the Professional Community help professionals out there (doctors, hospitals, police departments, public health clinics, treatment centers, etc) understand how and why AA works. Speakers go share about AA in public settings such as schools as well. Want to strategize how to best serve Los Angeles through carrying the message of A.A. outside our meetings? The CSC is looking for a new Chairperson for this vital committee.
  2. Web Team Chairperson: The purpose of the Web Team is to improve and maximize the potential of lacoaa.org. The committee focuses on continued development of the website to best serve and welcome the newcomer while effectively providing all A.A. members with the information they seek online. Whether you’re an experienced developer, programmer, web designer or just someone wanting to make our online presence be the best that it can be, the CSC is in need of someone to be the committee Chair.
  3. Recording Secretary: Are you a well organized individual that likes to help keep everyone on the record? CSC and Intergroup meetings are transcribed and the recording secretary keeps track of what took place, attendance, and provides no less than quarterly updates to the Office Manager and Executive Committee. They also make an outline of meetings and submits it to the chair within 2 weeks of each meeting 

Interested in being of service? Contact the CSC Chair via email.