Hi volunteers. Some of you have been asking about how to setup LACOAA emails in Outlook. I created this handy resource to help you get setup. You can read Google’s help document here but this walkthrough might be more useful and detailed.

1 — Open Chrome or your favorite browser and login w/ the LACOAA email

2 — Go to settings from the little gear icon

3 — In the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP section

4 — Jump to the IMAP access and set to “Enable”

5 — Choose “Save Changes”

1— Go to the top corner of Gsuite or Gmail icon and choose “Manage your Google Account”

2 — Find “less secure app access” by searching in the search box

2 — Set this feature to ON

1 — Choose the “Add Email Account” button or similar depending on your version of Outlook

2 — Don’t choose automatic setup, select MANUAL setup

3 — Enter all the info shown in this screenshot below. Remember, the email address is your login user if your client says “username” vs. “email address”

4 — Now set the “Outgoing Server” section or equivalent in your email client and choose “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Then choose “same as my incoming mail server settings”

5 — Now, on the advanced tab choose incoming and outgoing server ports and SSL

If not please contact webteam@lacoaa.org to get more help.



This resource was created for LACOAA volunteers. All screenshots and annotations were built using Markup Hero.