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Learn about becoming a Central Service Representative and other AA service opportunities.

New CSR Start Here

New Central Service Representative?

Are you the new Central Service Representative (CSR) for your AA group?

Congratulations! Read more about your responsibilities below, and please plan to attend the next orientation session, which begins one hour before each Intergroup meeting.

For more information on Intergroup meetings, see “CENTRAL SERVICE COMMITTEE AND INTERGROUP MEETINGS” below.


What is a Central Service Representative and What Do I Do?

Central Service Representatives are elected by their meetings to be each group’s voice and vote in matters relating to how Los Angeles Central Office serves and supports AA in the Los Angeles area.

The CSR is the communication link between your group and the Central Service Committee. Central Service Representatives bring input and the voice of their group to Zone and Intergroup meetings, and from Zone meetings and Intergroup back to their groups.

Participating groups in the Los Angeles area give Central Office its authority, because Central Office is an A.A. service entity directly responsible to those it serves, as described in Tradition Nine.

When and Where Do I Attend CSR Meetings?

The monthly Intergroup/CSC meeting takes place virtually on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm with a new CSR Orientation beginning at 6:30 pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Zoom Meeting ID: 863 8629 9209

Meeting Password: LACO

What is Los Angeles Central Office?

LACO is a partnership among the groups in our community, just as A.A. groups themselves are partnerships of individuals, established to carry out certain functions common to all groups, which are best handled by a centralized office. It is maintained, supervised, and supported by our local groups.

LACO exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers!


Central Service Committee and Intergroup Meetings

All A.A. members are welcome to attend Central Service Committee meetings, which are held at Central Office, and Intergroup meetings, which are held at various locations throughout Los Angeles.

Please consult the Events page for the most up-to-date time and location information for all Central Service Committee and Intergroup meetings.

Central Office Service Committee Descriptions

  • Archives Committee

    Are you interested in A.A.’s more than 80-year history? Are you detail-oriented and organized, artistic, scientific, or all of these? Be part of the Los Angeles Central Office Archives Committee; help Central Office discover and display Los Angeles A.A. history and share it with Southern California. This committee meets the 4th Sunday of every month from 10 AM to 2 PM at Central Office. Join us!

  • Directory Committee

    The Central Office Directory Committee’s mission is to ensure the Meeting Directory is as helpful and accurate as possible. Preparations are underway for a first-time-ever census of all listed meetings to confirm and supplement the information in the online and print meeting directories. A detailed project management outline is being finalized and next steps are volunteer recruitment and training.

    Your service is greatly needed for a successful census outcome! Please join the Directory Committee the 3rd Sunday of every month from 12 Noon to 1:30 PM at Central Office.

  • Events Committee

    The 75th Anniversary Party for Central Office in June 2019 was a great success, as was the 80th year celebration of the first A.A. meeting in Los Angeles, held in December 2019. More Los Angeles Central Office, Central Service, and Intergroup events are in the works!

    Wanted: Your participation, experience and expertise. Join the Events Committee by emailing Thank you!

  • Literature Committee

    The Central Office Literature Committee produces the quarterly e-magazine, Hello Central. Reviewers, editors, writers, and graphic artists needed!

    Wanted: Art, Stories, and Talent. Be the next Hello Central Editor, review and edit Central Office literature, bring your experience, and join in!

    Attend the Literature Committee’s meetings at Central Office the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 7 PM to 8:30 PM.

  • Policies and Procedures Committee

    The Policies and Procedures Committee (the “P&P Committee”) is responsible for reviewing the By-Laws of the corporation that encompasses Los Angeles Central Office, the Central Service Committee, and Intergroup, as well as any related policy or procedural documents, to ensure that they are accurate and consistent with each other, as directed by the Central Service Committee or Intergroup. Any revisions or amendments are presented to, and voted on, in accordance with the By-Laws.

  • Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee

    The Public Information function of LACO informs the public about the A.A. program, and the Cooperation with the Professional Community function helps professionals understand how and why A.A. works. The Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community (“PI/CPC”) Committee brings together these two functions.

    Would you like to learn about how to best serve the Los Angeles community through carrying the message outside of A.A. meetings? Become a speaker and engage through the activities of the PI/CPC Committee; we respond to all requests, and we answer the call!

    Join the PI/CPC Committee at Central Office on the 3rd Monday of every month from 7 PM to 9 PM.

  • AA Grapevine

    The A.A. Grapevine is a meeting in a magazine. You can subscribe or contribute articles, comics and art, etc. Visit for more info and to subscribe.

  • The Los Angeles Hospitals and Institutions Committee

    The Public Information function of LACO informs the public about the A.A. program, and the Cooperation with the Professional Community function helps professionals understand how and why A.A. works. The Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community (“PI/CPC”) Committee brings together these two functions.

    The Los Angeles Hospitals and Institutions Committee (“LAHIC” or the “H&I Committee”) carries the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to men and women in hospitals, mental health centers and correctional facilities throughout Los Angeles County. Get involved by attending the monthly H&I Committee meeting, and sign up to speak on panels. The monthly H&I Committee meeting is held the 2nd Monday of each month at 8:00 PM. Orientation begins at 7:00 PM at the Veterans Memorial Complex, 4153 Overland Avenue, Culver City, CA 90230. Visit for more info.

  • Web Team

    The purpose of the Web Team is to improve and maximize the potential of the Los Angeles Central Office website, The Web Team focuses on continued development of to ensure that the newcomer feels welcome, and that A.A. members are able to obtain the information they seek.

    The Web Team is always in need of experienced developers, programmers, web designers, and anyone else who is interested in making Central Office’s website the best it can be. Email to learn more about participating!

12th Step Service Work

Are you interested in this important 12th Step work? Whether you have 10 years or 10 days of sobriety, there are many way to be of service!

Answering Phones

Los Angeles Central Office receives calls every day and night. People trying to get sober or wanting to know where a meeting is, visitors, and those new to Los Angeles need caring A.A. members to answer! Phone volunteers typically work a 4-hour shift twice a month.

Please email your full name and phone number and a staff member will call you to schedule your orientation.

Email Us

Speak at Meetings

Would you like to make yourself available to speak at meetings and share your experience, strength and hope?

If you have at least 5 years of sobriety, please contact us and a staff member will help coordinate speaking opportunities.

Email Us

12th Step Calls

LACO maintains a list of A.A. members willing to take 12th Step calls, which entails reaching out to people who have contacted Central Office looking for help so they can stop drinking.

If you would like to serve as a 12th Step Call worker please contact us and a staff member will help get you connected with newcomers.

Email Us

More Service Work

There are literally endless ways to get involved in service work. Please review the options below and contact us if you have questions.

General Service – AASCAA – Area 05

The Los Angeles A.A. community is part of General Service Area 05, which is our link to the General Service Office in New York by way of a Delegate who represents the voice of Area 05 groups at the General Service Conference in April. Visit for more info.

Spanish Central Office (Mid-City)

La Oficina Central Hispana de Alcohólicos Anóminos is located at 2614 S. Normandie Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Visit or call 323-750-2039 for more info.

General Service Local Districts

The Los Angeles area is further broken down into districts, which include: Combined Hollywood, Wilshire and Downtown Districts. The monthly meeting for these districts is every 3rd Saturday at 10 AM at 1773 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026. Visit for more info.

The Combined Westside Districts meeting is the 2nd Sunday of the month at 8 AM in the center conference room, 2802 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Visit for more info.

Complete district information can be found here:

General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous

The General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous (“GSO”) is located in New York City. GSO provides numerous services, including, but not limited to: publishing & distributing A.A. literature; supervising group services; coordinating the A.A. World Convention; and receiving and recording contributions from A.A. members and groups. GSO is also a major exchange for all of the experiences of A.A. members throughout our fellowship’s history. Visit for more info.

Contribute We are self supporting through our own contributions. Please consider a monthly contribution for you or your group.