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Notice About In-Person Meetings

Due to COVID-19, most Los Angeles AA meetings are NOT operating in-person, but many have online meetings. View the current AA Zoom meeting list here. Read more about re-opening guidelines here.
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id day_sort Day time_sort Time Meeting Address Region Format
asdfasdf123712Tuesday06:00:006:00AMMiddle of the Formation -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf87932Tuesday06:00:006:00AMTHE EARLY SHOW -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf28232Tuesday06:15:006:15AMEYE OPENER #1 -- MONTEBELLOVirtual Only
asdfasdf72312Tuesday06:15:006:15AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- ALTADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf67512Tuesday06:15:006:15AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- MONROVIAVirtual Only
asdfasdf63142Tuesday06:15:006:15AMSUNRISE MEETING -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124102Tuesday06:30:006:30AMPG & Chill Daily Reprieve -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73602Tuesday06:30:006:30AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf56852Tuesday06:45:006:45AMWAKE UP BOOK STUDY -- RESEDAVirtual Only
asdfasdf24002Tuesday06:45:006:45AMSPIRITUAL DISCUSSION -- CANOGA PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf1352Tuesday06:45:006:45AMSTEP WORKSHOP -- CULVER WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf124542Tuesday06:45:006:45AMHole In The Sky -- Spiritual Discussion (Monday through Friday) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf33422Tuesday07:00:007:00AMWINNERS ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf79862Tuesday07:00:007:00AMSHIVERING DENIZENS -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf123762Tuesday07:00:007:00AMA New Start -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf82812Tuesday07:00:007:00AMSUN UP A A -- COVINAVirtual Only
asdfasdf58022Tuesday07:00:007:00AMEYE OPENER -- NORTHRIDGEVirtual Only
asdfasdf49212Tuesday07:15:007:15AMA GATHERING OF MEN -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf79022Tuesday07:15:007:15AMGrounded in the Cloud -- LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWNVirtual Only
asdfasdf84842Tuesday07:30:007:30AM11TH STEP MORNING MEDITATION -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf62292Tuesday07:30:007:30AM12&12 TUES SPKR PARTICIPATION -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf92182Tuesday07:45:007:45AMStep Time Tuesday -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf122962Tuesday09:00:009:00AMDaily Treehouse Meeting 9am -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf90812Tuesday09:00:009:00AMGROWING INTO LADIES -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf80262Tuesday09:30:009:30AMMIDMORNING REFLECTIONS -- HERMOSA BEACHVirtual Only
asdfasdf12882Tuesday10:00:0010:00AMLIVING IN SOLUTION WOMEN'S -- WOODLAND HILLSVirtual Only
asdfasdf48672Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMCENTURY CITY LUNCH BUNCH -- CENTURY CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf84952Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMTHE DRUNK COLLECTION -- BEVERLY HILLSVirtual Only
asdfasdf722Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMPACIFIC PARK GROUP -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf90762Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMMIDDAY MATINEE GROUP -- FAIRFAX/LA BREAVirtual Only
asdfasdf63092Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMKEEP IT SIMPLE -- DOWNEYVirtual Only
asdfasdf124532Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMUpper Room -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124872Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMHole In The Sky -- 12 X 12 Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf71322Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMRAINBOW MEETING -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf51142Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMHIGH NOON -- THOUSAND OAKSVirtual Only
asdfasdf23002Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMLET GO & LET GOD -- CRENSHAW/LEIMERT PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf18382Tuesday12:30:0012:30PMJUST DO IT PARTICIPATION -- ATWATERVirtual Only
asdfasdf3722Tuesday12:30:0012:30PMFEEL IT AND SAY IT WOMEN'S -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf124082Tuesday13:00:001:00PMPG & Chill After Lunch -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124092Tuesday13:00:001:00PMPG & Chill After Lunch -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124072Tuesday13:30:001:30PMMidday Topic-Participation Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf69482Tuesday14:30:002:30PMGOOD TIMES GROUP -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124312Tuesday15:00:003:00PMCome One Come All -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73332Tuesday16:30:004:30PMAFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124642Tuesday17:00:005:00PMRadford Women's Back of the Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf30932Tuesday17:30:005:30PMONE SPEAKER -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124882Tuesday17:30:005:30PM1 DAAT Living Sober Tuesdays -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf79932Tuesday17:45:005:45PMAFTER WORK WOMENS B B STUDY -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf123412Tuesday18:00:006:00PMLife After 10 - Tuesday Zoom -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf52902Tuesday18:00:006:00PMTHREE TOPIC DISCUSSION -- CRENSHAW/LEIMERT PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf45252Tuesday18:00:006:00PMLIFE AFTER TEN -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf81632Tuesday18:15:006:15PMWOMEN'S A A MEETING -- ATWATERVirtual Only
asdfasdf123052Tuesday18:30:006:30PMSurf City Sobriety -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf26642Tuesday18:30:006:30PMCLIFF HANGERS STEP STUDY -- BRENTWOOD/BEL AIRVirtual Only
asdfasdf73752Tuesday18:30:006:30PMTUESDAY AFTER WORK -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf71842Tuesday19:00:007:00PM3/4 HOUSE LEGACY -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf123072Tuesday19:00:007:00PMGrounded Spiritually Speaking -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123232Tuesday19:00:007:00PMHole in the Ground - Online -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123402Tuesday19:00:007:00PMSunset Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123442Tuesday19:00:007:00PMLiving Sober Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123532Tuesday19:00:007:00PMTuesday Night Madness -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124042Tuesday19:00:007:00PM1DAAT -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73432Tuesday19:00:007:00PMWESTSIDE WE AGNOSTICS -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124892Tuesday19:00:007:00PMStories From The Big Book -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf86882Tuesday19:00:007:00PMTUESDAY NITE LOTTO -- SHERMAN OAKSVirtual Only
asdfasdf28012Tuesday19:00:007:00PMJAPANESE NIHONGO SPEAKING -- GARDENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf82032Tuesday19:30:007:30PMMISERY LOVES COMPANY -- ARCADIAVirtual Only
asdfasdf18302Tuesday19:30:007:30PM12&12 STEP DISCUSSION -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf10862Tuesday19:30:007:30PMBAY CITIES SPEAKERS -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf123652Tuesday19:30:007:30PMShoup Candlelight LGBT -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123662Tuesday19:30:007:30PMRoses Road Participation Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf23952Tuesday19:30:007:30PMMEN'S 12&12 -- SIERRA MADREVirtual Only
asdfasdf32242Tuesday19:30:007:30PMAS OUTLINED IN THE BOOK -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf68862Tuesday19:30:007:30PMRAG TAG 12&12 -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf30552Tuesday19:30:007:30PMUnity Insures Recovery Through Service -- WESTWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf89532Tuesday19:30:007:30PMEAGLE ROCK & A HARD PLACE -- EAGLE ROCKVirtual Only
asdfasdf79322Tuesday19:30:007:30PMWE AGNOSTICS SPKR PARTICIPATION -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf2792Tuesday20:00:008:00PMOPEN ARMS GROUP -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf79712Tuesday20:00:008:00PMVenice Beach Men's Stag -- VENICEVirtual Only
asdfasdf482Tuesday20:00:008:00PMROXBURY GROUP -- BEVERLY HILLSVirtual Only
asdfasdf90082Tuesday20:00:008:00PMSOBRIETY HOUR AT ROSE HILL -- EAST L AVirtual Only
asdfasdf123522Tuesday20:00:008:00PMPopsicle Group -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf3632Tuesday20:00:008:00PMYOSEMITE -- HIGHLAND PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf16612Tuesday20:00:008:00PMSPEAKER PARTICIPATION -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf1412Tuesday20:00:008:00PMTUESDAY NIGHT SPEAKERS -- CULVER WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf6692Tuesday20:00:008:00PMARLINGTON BEGINNERS -- KOREATOWNVirtual Only
asdfasdf9302Tuesday20:00:008:00PMARROYO SECO SPEAKERS -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf65782Tuesday20:00:008:00PMBIG BOOK COMES ALIVE -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf88882Tuesday20:00:008:00PMCHILDREN OF CHAOS STEP STUDY -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf12352Tuesday20:00:008:00PMWESTCHESTER MEN'S STAG -- WESTCHESTERVirtual Only
asdfasdf123542Tuesday20:15:008:15PM11th Step Yoga and Meditation meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123342Tuesday20:30:008:30PMBYOBB -12 Steps & 12 Traditions - LGBTQIA+ -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73732Tuesday20:30:008:30PMSEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf72022Tuesday22:00:0010:00PM12 AT 10 -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf72142Tuesday22:00:0010:00PMCANDLELIGHT PARTICIPATION -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf124662Tuesday22:00:0010:00PMHP Over Covid 19 -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf81702Tuesday22:00:0010:00PMBARE BONES -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf123642Tuesday22:30:0010:30PMCurtain Call -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124512Tuesday23:00:0011:00PMMarina Center Late Night -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf92062Tuesday23:30:0011:30PMHOLLYWOOD LATE NIGHT -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf79442Tuesday23:55:0011:55PMTHE MIDNIGHT GROUP -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only