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As of June 15, 2021 in-person and hybrid meetings are now being listed on the LACOAA website. Secretaries can locate your group’s listing & click “request update” below the map on your listing’s page.

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id day_sort Day time_sort Time Meeting Address Region Format
asdfasdf124766Saturday01:00:001:00AMInto Action 2 -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123476Saturday06:00:006:00AMAcross the Pond -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf72356Saturday06:15:006:15AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- ALTADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf67556Saturday06:15:006:15AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- MONROVIAVirtual Only
asdfasdf63186Saturday06:15:006:15AMSUNRISE MEETING -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf123926Saturday06:30:006:30AMPG & Chill Daily Reprieve -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124716Saturday06:30:006:30AMShare What Works for You -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf60266Saturday06:45:006:45AMWAKE UP DISCUSSION -- RESEDAVirtual Only
asdfasdf33466Saturday07:00:007:00AMWINNERS ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf83146Saturday07:00:007:00AMSUN UP A M A A -- COVINAVirtual Only
asdfasdf60256Saturday07:00:007:00AMEYE OPENER -- NORTHRIDGEVirtual Only
asdfasdf50356Saturday07:15:007:15AMA GATHERING OF MEN -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf66446Saturday07:20:007:20AMSOLUTIONS BY THE SEA -- PACIFIC PALISADESVirtual Only
asdfasdf84886Saturday07:30:007:30AM11TH STEP MORNING MEDITATION -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf73636Saturday07:30:007:30AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf125246Saturday07:30:007:30AMTable Talk Steps 10, 11, 12 -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126366Saturday08:00:008:00AMSaturday Big Book Study -- BELLFLOWERVirtual Only
asdfasdf52966Saturday08:00:008:00AMSPIRITUAL DISCUSSION -- CANOGA PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf28036Saturday08:00:008:00AMHI & DRY -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf77356Saturday08:15:008:15AMSUNRISE GROUP B B SPKR PARTICIPATION -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf123876Saturday08:15:008:15AMGrounded in the Cloud -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf60326Saturday08:15:008:15AMRISE & SHINE PARTICIPATION -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf87896Saturday08:30:008:30AMGROUCH & THE BRAINSTORM -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf54866Saturday08:30:008:30AMLAUREL CANYON GRAPEVINE -- FAIRFAX/LA BREAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124996Saturday08:30:008:30AMNorth Hollywood Group -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf68716Saturday08:30:008:30AMNo Whiners Saturday Women’s, Non-Binary and Trans-Inclusive meeting -- HIGHLAND PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf72196Saturday09:00:009:00AMSPIRITUAL -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf126116Saturday09:00:009:00AMGet the F*** Up! -- VAN NUYSVirtual Only
asdfasdf123936Saturday09:00:009:00AMSan Pedro Alano Club Men's Stag -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf88166Saturday09:00:009:00AMORIGINAL WHAT IT'S LIKE NOW -- SHERMAN OAKSVirtual Only
asdfasdf125526Saturday09:05:009:05AMNonbinary, Trans, & Women Inclusive Boundaries & Buttcheeks -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf59336Saturday09:30:009:30AMWOMEN'S MORNING MEETING -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf123676Saturday10:00:0010:00AMHAPPY DAYS SATURDAY MORNING MEETING -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf90886Saturday10:00:0010:00AMBIG BOOK DISCUSSION -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf126776Saturday10:00:0010:00AMHollywood Strip Group -- LOS ANGELES CENTRALVirtual Only
asdfasdf89266Saturday10:00:0010:00AMWINNER'S CIRCLE REFLECTIONS -- LONG BEACHVirtual Only
asdfasdf86826Saturday10:00:0010:00AMB & L SAT MORNING -- WEST LAVirtual Only
asdfasdf71496Saturday10:00:0010:00AMSISTERS IN SOBRIETY -- CULVER WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf34046Saturday10:30:0010:30AMWOMEN'S -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf65436Saturday10:30:0010:30AMBread and Roses Men's Stag -- PACIFIC PALISADESVirtual Only
asdfasdf125436Saturday10:30:0010:30AMBlue Door Beginners -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf67616Saturday11:00:0011:00AMSATURDAY MORNING GRATITUDE -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf125656Saturday12:00:0012:00PM9604 Noon Meeting Higher Power -- LOS ANGELES SOUTHVirtual Only
asdfasdf90366Saturday12:00:0012:00PMCOMEDY NOON MEETING -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf18986Saturday12:00:0012:00PMARTISTS LIVING IN SOBRIETY -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf126526Saturday12:00:0012:00PMMen’s Stag -Burbank Group -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf11726Saturday12:00:0012:00PMNEWCOMERS CARING AND SHARING -- TORRANCEVirtual Only
asdfasdf124706Saturday12:00:0012:00PMFrom the Bar to the Book -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124776Saturday12:00:0012:00PMHole In The Sky -- Intro To The Steps Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125076Saturday12:00:0012:00PMHawk Medicine/Daily Reflections -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125376Saturday12:00:0012:00PMThe Crenshaw Daily Noon Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf90716Saturday12:30:0012:30PMTHOSE WITH GRAVE MENTAL & EMOTIONAL DISORDERS -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf78236Saturday12:30:0012:30PMEPIPHANY -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf83716Saturday12:30:0012:30PMAS BILL SEES IT -- ATWATERVirtual Only
asdfasdf123896Saturday13:00:001:00PMPG & Chill After Lunch -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf69526Saturday14:30:002:30PMGOOD TIMES GROUP SATURDAY -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124586Saturday15:00:003:00PMCome One Come All -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126006Saturday16:00:004:00PMGood Grief- grief and loss in sobriety (AA) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf54196Saturday17:00:005:00PMFELLOWSHIP OF THE SPIRIT -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf126376Saturday17:00:005:00PMRainbow -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf18866Saturday17:00:005:00PMAGAPE PARTICIPATION -- SAN MARINOVirtual Only
asdfasdf88866Saturday17:00:005:00PMRAINBOW MEETING -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf125996Saturday17:30:005:30PMThis Too Shall Pass -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124616Saturday17:30:005:30PMHole In The Sky -- This Too Shall Pass -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf25436Saturday17:30:005:30PMYOU ARE NOT ALONE -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf125746Saturday18:00:006:00PM Into The Triad -- VAN NUYSVirtual Only
asdfasdf72456Saturday18:00:006:00PMJAMMIN' IN HOLLYWOOD -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124596Saturday18:00:006:00PMHole In The Sky -- Sobriety Speaks Out -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124696Saturday18:00:006:00PMCoast to Coast Speaker -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124786Saturday18:00:006:00PMGrounded in the Cloud - Story Time -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf86716Saturday18:00:006:00PMSOBRIETY FIRST -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf71676Saturday18:00:006:00PMMIXED BAG -- MIRACLE MILEVirtual Only
asdfasdf50786Saturday18:15:006:15PMSUNSET BEGINNERS -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf126386Saturday18:30:006:30PMKeep It Simple Saturday -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf123196Saturday19:00:007:00PMHole in the Ground- Online Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf85306Saturday19:00:007:00PMI HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE -- EL SEGUNDOVirtual Only
asdfasdf126286Saturday19:00:007:00PMNo Elevators Women's Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf90636Saturday19:00:007:00PMINTERVIEW WITH AN ALCOHOLIC -- SHERMAN OAKSVirtual Only
asdfasdf27006Saturday19:00:007:00PMSOLUTIONS IN SOBRIETY -- WESTWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf19416Saturday19:00:007:00PMGUIDANCE LIFELINE PARTICIPATION -- INGLEWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124796Saturday19:00:007:00PMThe Fellowship Speaks -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125006Saturday19:00:007:00PMSOLUTIONS IN SOBRIETY -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123376Saturday19:30:007:30PM Nite Lite (The Purple Room) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf85176Saturday19:30:007:30PMNO MATTER WHAT -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf78226Saturday19:30:007:30PMCOFFEE TALK -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf1466Saturday19:30:007:30PMMARINA CENTER PARTIPATION -- CULVER WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf123746Saturday20:00:008:00PMWestchester Saturday Night Speakers Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf90686Saturday20:00:008:00PMCoffee House Meeting -- VENICEVirtual Only
asdfasdf124686Saturday20:00:008:00PMSaturday Night Brunswick -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf27426Saturday20:00:008:00PMSOLUTIONS IN SOBRIETY -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124856Saturday20:00:008:00PMBridge to Hope (Chinese and English International Meeting) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf12406Saturday20:00:008:00PMWESTCHESTER SAT NIGHT SPEAKER -- WESTCHESTERVirtual Only
asdfasdf20396Saturday20:00:008:00PMBRUNSWICK TOPIC DISCUSION -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf123316Saturday20:30:008:30PMBYOBB - Speaker - Big Book - LGBTQIA2S+ -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf72426Saturday20:30:008:30PMSATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf12296Saturday20:30:008:30PMBEACHCOMBERS -- WEST LAVirtual Only
asdfasdf126126Saturday21:00:009:00PMThe Young Zombies -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf91326Saturday21:00:009:00PMDARK SECRETS ONLINE -- ATWATERVirtual Only
asdfasdf126136Saturday22:00:0010:00PMRadford Zombies -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126416Saturday22:00:0010:00PMLast Call -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf81746Saturday22:00:0010:00PMBARE BONES -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf124816Saturday23:00:0011:00PMMarina Center Late Night -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf90216Saturday23:30:0011:30PMA A LITERATURE STUDY -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf65296Saturday23:30:0011:30PMHOLLYWOOD LATE NIGHT -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf79626Saturday23:55:0011:55PMTHE MIDNIGHT GROUP -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf91656Saturday23:55:0011:55PMTHE BEGINNING OF THE END -- VENICEVirtual Only