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Most AA meetings are still NOT operating in-person, but many have online meetings. Most of these meetings are now updated in our online directory below, but you can still access the old Google Sheet online meeting list. Read more about re-opening guidelines here.
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id day_sort Day time_sort Time Meeting Address Region Format
asdfasdf87823Wednesday05:30:005:30AM12&12 BOOK STUDY -- NORTHRIDGEVirtual Only
asdfasdf87943Wednesday06:00:006:00AMTHE EARLY SHOW -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf72323Wednesday06:15:006:15AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- ALTADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf67523Wednesday06:15:006:15AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- MONROVIAVirtual Only
asdfasdf63153Wednesday06:15:006:15AMSUNRISE MEETING -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124183Wednesday06:30:006:30AMPG & Chill Daily Reprieve -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124383Wednesday06:30:006:30AMAS BILL SEES IT -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73993Wednesday06:30:006:30AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf1363Wednesday06:45:006:45AMSTEP WORKSHOP -- CULVER WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf124733Wednesday06:45:006:45AMHole In The Sky -- Spiritual Discussion (Monday through Friday) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf33433Wednesday07:00:007:00AMWINNERS ATTITUDE ADJ -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf126243Wednesday07:00:007:00AMOn Awakening / Topic Discussion -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126253Wednesday07:00:007:00AMBack of the Book Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123773Wednesday07:00:007:00AMA New Start -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf8653Wednesday07:00:007:00AMEYE OPENER -- NORTHRIDGEVirtual Only
asdfasdf82903Wednesday07:00:007:00AMSUN UP A A -- COVINAVirtual Only
asdfasdf80053Wednesday07:15:007:15AMGrounded in the Cloud -- LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWNVirtual Only
asdfasdf50313Wednesday07:15:007:15AMA GATHERING OF MEN -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf79563Wednesday07:30:007:30AM11TH STEP MORNING MEDITATION -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf23333Wednesday07:30:007:30AMEARLY BIRDS -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf16563Wednesday07:30:007:30AMJOY OF LIVING - Log Cabin -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf91143Wednesday07:30:007:30AMOUR COMMON WELFARE -- FAIRFAX/LA BREAVirtual Only
asdfasdf63053Wednesday07:30:007:30AMDECADE DAY SPKR PARTICIPATION -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf78463Wednesday08:30:008:30AMLIVE AND LET LIVE -- WOODLAND HILLSVirtual Only
asdfasdf63313Wednesday08:30:008:30AM “As Yet Untitled” Cafe Tropical Meeting -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf125813Wednesday09:00:009:00AMRAD CREATIVES in AA (Directors, producers, writers, actors and all in creative fields) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125583Wednesday09:05:009:05AMWomen & Non-Binary Inclusive Boundaries & Buttcheeks Daily Reflections -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf80273Wednesday09:30:009:30AMMIDMORNING REFLECTIONS -- HERMOSA BEACHVirtual Only
asdfasdf125123Wednesday10:00:0010:00AM"The Kitchen Table Meeting" -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124373Wednesday10:30:0010:30AMAA Principles B4 Personalities Steps & Traditions -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125643Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMReLaPsE ScHmReLaPse -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123153Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMKeep it Simple -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf54113Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMMEN'S HIGH POWER RECOVERY LUNCH -- WEST LAVirtual Only
asdfasdf23413Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMRIGOROUS HONESTY -- CRENSHAW/LEIMERT PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf125823Wednesday12:00:0012:00PM9604 Noon Meeting -- LOS ANGELES SOUTHVirtual Only
asdfasdf125893Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMGratitude -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf54323Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMGOOD DAY 12&12 MOORPARK -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf126153Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMDowntown Los Angeles noon group -- LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWNVirtual Only
asdfasdf21553Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMCENTURY CITY LUNCH BUNCH -- CENTURY CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf80553Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMRAINBOW MEETING -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124363Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMHole In The Sky -- Living Sober -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf81033Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMWHAT'S GOING GROUP OF A A -- FAIRFAX/LA BREAVirtual Only
asdfasdf86243Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMLunch Bunch -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf91763Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMEagle Rock Wednesday -- EAGLE ROCKVirtual Only
asdfasdf125343Wednesday12:00:0012:00PMThe Crenshaw Daily Noon Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123143Wednesday12:12:0012:12PMstixNsteps -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf89963Wednesday12:30:0012:30PMTRY GOD -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf6733Wednesday12:30:0012:30PMNOON DISCUSSION -- ATWATERVirtual Only
asdfasdf124173Wednesday13:00:001:00PMPG & Chill After Lunch -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf69493Wednesday14:30:002:30PMGOOD TIMES GROUP -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124913Wednesday14:30:002:30PMPage 112 Meeting: Selected Big Book Readings -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf89153Wednesday14:30:002:30PMA DESIRE TO STOP -- WESTWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf123013Wednesday15:00:003:00PMMid Afternoon Madness -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf56773Wednesday15:00:003:00PMHAPPY JOYOUS AT 3 BB STUDY -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf123433Wednesday15:00:003:00PMCoffee Break: From NY to LA -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125033Wednesday15:00:003:00PMCome One Come All -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf91803Wednesday15:00:003:00PMBIG BOOK NEAT -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf123683Wednesday16:00:004:00PMWednesday Evening H.O.W. group FFA (Sunnyvale, CA) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124673Wednesday17:00:005:00PMCERTAIN STEPS BIG BOOK STUDY -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126043Wednesday17:30:005:30PMThis Too Shall Pass -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124523Wednesday17:30:005:30PMHole In The Sky -- This Too Shall Pass -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf32613Wednesday17:45:005:45PMIN BY 5:45 OUT BY 6:30 -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf126033Wednesday18:00:006:00PMInto the Triad -- VAN NUYSVirtual Only
asdfasdf126583Wednesday18:00:006:00PM11 Step Meditation Meeting /164 and Beyond -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73683Wednesday18:00:006:00PMLIFE AFTER TEN WEDNESDAY -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124903Wednesday18:00:006:00PMQueer and Anonymous - Speaker & Discussion -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125043Wednesday18:00:006:00PMHole In The Sky -- Beginners' Workshop -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf17333Wednesday18:15:006:15PMHAPPY HOUR -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf64163Wednesday18:30:006:30PMSTEPS OF SOBRIETY -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf31633Wednesday18:30:006:30PMWOMEN'S 12 and 12 Step Study and Participation -- ALTADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf125313Wednesday18:30:006:30PMLine By Line Online -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125673Wednesday19:00:007:00PMSerenity in The Bunker -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125753Wednesday19:00:007:00PMWednesday Night Women's Cross-Talk -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123223Wednesday19:00:007:00PMHole in the Ground - Online -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf90063Wednesday19:00:007:00PMONE STEP AT A TIME -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf123463Wednesday19:00:007:00PMArcadia Six Corners AA Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126053Wednesday19:00:007:00PMSerenity In The Bunker -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf126063Wednesday19:00:007:00PMWomen's Living In The Solution West Los Angeles -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123783Wednesday19:00:007:00PM1DAAT -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf24983Wednesday19:00:007:00PMWOMEN'S PARTICIPATION -- SIERRA MADREVirtual Only
asdfasdf20463Wednesday19:00:007:00PMHOW IT WORKS WOMEN'S -- CULVER WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf71713Wednesday19:30:007:30PMEASY DOES IT BOOK STUDY -- MIRACLE MILEVirtual Only
asdfasdf61593Wednesday19:30:007:30PMNO LOSERS -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf123093Wednesday19:30:007:30PMGrounded 12x12 -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf13283Wednesday19:30:007:30PMWomen's Problem Discussion Meeting -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf123453Wednesday19:30:007:30PMFun Bunch -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf18533Wednesday19:30:007:30PMFELICITY WOMEN'S DISCUSION -- PALMSVirtual Only
asdfasdf70363Wednesday19:30:007:30PMRAINBOW ROOM WED NIGHT -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf60873Wednesday19:30:007:30PMDENVER GROUP -- REDONDO BEACHVirtual Only
asdfasdf12483Wednesday19:30:007:30PMKELTON STEP STUDY -- WESTWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf125133Wednesday19:30:007:30PMMalibu Methodist As Bill Sees ItAs Bill Sees It -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf89563Wednesday19:30:007:30PMSOLUTIONS EAST -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf92453Wednesday20:00:008:00PMRULE 62 -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf92503Wednesday20:00:008:00PMCHINESE SPEAKING AA MEETING -- ARCADIAVirtual Only
asdfasdf123283Wednesday20:00:008:00PMOldies But Goodies -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126013Wednesday20:00:008:00PMRageRemedy -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf10933Wednesday20:00:008:00PMANY LENGTHS GROUP (Second and Hill) -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf23803Wednesday20:00:008:00PMMARTEL 5 -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf123733Wednesday20:00:008:00PMBridge to Hope (International Chinese and English AA Meeting) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf67623Wednesday20:00:008:00PMHOLLYWOOD YOUNG PEOPLE'S -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf65083Wednesday20:00:008:00PMCOVER TO COVER BIG BOOK STUDY -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124393Wednesday20:00:008:00PMHole In The Sky -- Candlelight Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124723Wednesday20:00:008:00PMSouth Bay Knuckleheads Men's Stag -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125223Wednesday20:00:008:00PMDiamond Bar Wednesday Night -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf3743Wednesday20:15:008:15PMPRINCIPLES BEFORE PERSONALITIES -- EAGLE ROCKVirtual Only
asdfasdf125683Wednesday20:30:008:30PMManuel Rios 2-speaker Meeting -- LOS ANGELES SOUTHVirtual Only
asdfasdf2873Wednesday20:30:008:30PMEasy Does It -- GLENDALEVirtual Only
asdfasdf123333Wednesday20:30:008:30PMBYOBB - Big Book Stories - LGBTQIA+ -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf86813Wednesday20:45:008:45PMFIGHT CLUB -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf126073Wednesday21:00:009:00PMWIP (Work In Progress) Men's Stag -- VAN NUYSVirtual Only
asdfasdf123813Wednesday21:00:009:00PMTRUDGING IN HOLLYWOOD -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125693Wednesday22:00:0010:00PMZombies -- VAN NUYSVirtual Only
asdfasdf72153Wednesday22:00:0010:00PMCANDLELIGHT PARTICIPATION -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf80373Wednesday22:00:0010:00PMThe New Freedom -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf126543Wednesday22:00:0010:00PMLast Call -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf81713Wednesday22:00:0010:00PMBARE BONES -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf124163Wednesday23:00:0011:00PMMarina Center Late night -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125233Wednesday23:00:0011:00PM11pm Wed LA Late Night Open -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf63283Wednesday23:30:0011:30PMHOLLYWOOD LATE NIGHT -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf79453Wednesday23:55:0011:55PMTHE MIDNIGHT GROUP -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only