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Most AA meetings are still NOT operating in-person, but many have online meetings. Most of these meetings are now updated in our online directory below, but you can still access the old Google Sheet online meeting list. Read more about re-opening guidelines here.
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id day_sort Day time_sort Time Meeting Address Region Format
asdfasdf123712Tuesday06:00:006:00AMMiddle of the Formation -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf87932Tuesday06:00:006:00AMTHE EARLY SHOW -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf28232Tuesday06:15:006:15AMEYE OPENER #1 -- MONTEBELLOVirtual Only
asdfasdf72312Tuesday06:15:006:15AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- ALTADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf67512Tuesday06:15:006:15AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- MONROVIAVirtual Only
asdfasdf63142Tuesday06:15:006:15AMSUNRISE MEETING -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124102Tuesday06:30:006:30AMPG & Chill Daily Reprieve -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73602Tuesday06:30:006:30AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf56852Tuesday06:45:006:45AMWAKE UP BOOK STUDY -- RESEDAVirtual Only
asdfasdf24002Tuesday06:45:006:45AMSPIRITUAL DISCUSSION -- CANOGA PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf1352Tuesday06:45:006:45AMSTEP WORKSHOP -- CULVER WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf124542Tuesday06:45:006:45AMHole In The Sky -- Spiritual Discussion (Monday through Friday) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf33422Tuesday07:00:007:00AMWINNERS ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf79862Tuesday07:00:007:00AMSHIVERING DENIZENS -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf123762Tuesday07:00:007:00AMA New Start -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf82812Tuesday07:00:007:00AMSUN UP A A -- COVINAVirtual Only
asdfasdf58022Tuesday07:00:007:00AMEYE OPENER -- NORTHRIDGEVirtual Only
asdfasdf49212Tuesday07:15:007:15AMA GATHERING OF MEN -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf79022Tuesday07:15:007:15AMGrounded in the Cloud -- LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWNVirtual Only
asdfasdf84842Tuesday07:30:007:30AM11TH STEP MORNING MEDITATION -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf62292Tuesday07:30:007:30AM12&12 TUES SPKR PARTICIPATION -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf17702Tuesday07:30:007:30AMEARLY BIRD WORKSHOP - Log Cabin -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf92182Tuesday07:45:007:45AMStep Time Tuesday -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf126502Tuesday09:00:009:00AMBreakfast Tacos -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf90812Tuesday09:00:009:00AMGROWING INTO LADIES -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf125452Tuesday09:05:009:05AMWomen & Non-Binary Inclusive Boundaries & Buttcheeks Big Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf80262Tuesday09:30:009:30AMMIDMORNING REFLECTIONS -- HERMOSA BEACHVirtual Only
asdfasdf12882Tuesday10:00:0010:00AMLIVING IN SOLUTION WOMEN'S 12 & 12 Literature Study -- WOODLAND HILLSVirtual Only
asdfasdf48672Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMCENTURY CITY LUNCH BUNCH -- CENTURY CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf125762Tuesday12:00:0012:00PM9604 Noon Meeting Open Mindedness & Willingness -- LOS ANGELES SOUTHVirtual Only
asdfasdf125772Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMSober is Sexy - A Noon Mtg.! -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf84952Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMTHE DRUNK COLLECTION -- BEVERLY HILLSVirtual Only
asdfasdf722Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMPACIFIC PARK GROUP -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf90762Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMMIDDAY MATINEE GROUP -- FAIRFAX/LA BREAVirtual Only
asdfasdf63092Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMKEEP IT SIMPLE -- DOWNEYVirtual Only
asdfasdf124532Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMUpper Room -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124872Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMHole In The Sky -- 12 X 12 Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf71322Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMRAINBOW MEETING -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf125292Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMThe Crenshaw Daily Noon Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf51142Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMHIGH NOON -- THOUSAND OAKSVirtual Only
asdfasdf23002Tuesday12:00:0012:00PMLET GO & LET GOD -- CRENSHAW/LEIMERT PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf18382Tuesday12:30:0012:30PMJUST DO IT PARTICIPATION -- ATWATERVirtual Only
asdfasdf3722Tuesday12:30:0012:30PMFEEL IT AND SAY IT WOMEN'S -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf124082Tuesday13:00:001:00PMPG & Chill After Lunch -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124092Tuesday13:00:001:00PMPG & Chill After Lunch -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124072Tuesday13:30:001:30PMMidday Topic-Participation Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf69482Tuesday14:30:002:30PMGOOD TIMES GROUP -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf126592Tuesday15:00:003:00PMInside Issues- A Safe Place for the Dual Diagnosed Alcoholic -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124312Tuesday15:00:003:00PMCome One Come All -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73332Tuesday16:30:004:30PMAFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf126082Tuesday17:00:005:00PMRadford Women’s Back of the Book (c/w) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126212Tuesday17:00:005:00PMJust for Today -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124642Tuesday17:00:005:00PMRadford Women's Back of the Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125492Tuesday17:30:005:30PMThis Too Shall Pass -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf30932Tuesday17:30:005:30PMONE SPEAKER -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124882Tuesday17:30:005:30PM1 DAAT Living Sober Tuesdays -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf79932Tuesday17:45:005:45PMAFTER WORK WOMENS B B STUDY -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf125902Tuesday18:00:006:00PMInto the Triad -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123412Tuesday18:00:006:00PMLife After 10 - Tuesday Zoom -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126512Tuesday18:00:006:00PMUncover Discover Discard Women's Big Book Workshop - AA -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf52902Tuesday18:00:006:00PMTHREE TOPIC DISCUSSION -- CRENSHAW/LEIMERT PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf45252Tuesday18:00:006:00PMLIFE AFTER TEN -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf81632Tuesday18:15:006:15PMWOMEN'S A A MEETING -- ATWATERVirtual Only
asdfasdf125302Tuesday18:15:006:15PMTuesday Happy Hour at LGBT Center -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123052Tuesday18:30:006:30PMSurf City Sobriety -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125622Tuesday18:30:006:30PMHole In The Sky -- Women's Stag -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf26642Tuesday18:30:006:30PMCLIFF HANGERS STEP STUDY -- BRENTWOOD/BEL AIRVirtual Only
asdfasdf73752Tuesday18:30:006:30PMTUESDAY AFTER WORK -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf125212Tuesday18:30:006:30PMHouse of Amethyst -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf71842Tuesday19:00:007:00PM3/4 HOUSE LEGACY -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf123072Tuesday19:00:007:00PMGrounded Spiritually Speaking -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125782Tuesday19:00:007:00PMThe All Inclusive Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123232Tuesday19:00:007:00PMHole in the Ground - Online -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123402Tuesday19:00:007:00PMSunset Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123442Tuesday19:00:007:00PMLiving Sober Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123532Tuesday19:00:007:00PMTuesday Night Madness -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124042Tuesday19:00:007:00PM1DAAT -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73432Tuesday19:00:007:00PMWESTSIDE WE AGNOSTICS -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124892Tuesday19:00:007:00PMStories From The Big Book -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf86882Tuesday19:00:007:00PMTUESDAY NITE LOTTO -- SHERMAN OAKSVirtual Only
asdfasdf28012Tuesday19:00:007:00PMJAPANESE NIHONGO SPEAKING -- GARDENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf125332Tuesday19:00:007:00PMChapter 12 Big Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125792Tuesday19:02:007:02PMYoung At Heart -- VAN NUYSVirtual Only
asdfasdf125572Tuesday19:30:007:30PMShoulder to Shoulder Womxn's Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf18302Tuesday19:30:007:30PM12&12 STEP DISCUSSION -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf10862Tuesday19:30:007:30PMBAY CITIES SPEAKERS -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf123652Tuesday19:30:007:30PMShoup Candlelight LGBT -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123662Tuesday19:30:007:30PMRoses Road Participation Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf23952Tuesday19:30:007:30PMMEN'S 12&12 -- SIERRA MADREVirtual Only
asdfasdf32242Tuesday19:30:007:30PMAS OUTLINED IN THE BOOK -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf68862Tuesday19:30:007:30PMRAG TAG 12&12 -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf30552Tuesday19:30:007:30PMUnity Insures Recovery Through Service -- WESTWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf89532Tuesday19:30:007:30PMEAGLE ROCK & A HARD PLACE -- EAGLE ROCKVirtual Only
asdfasdf79322Tuesday19:30:007:30PMWE AGNOSTICS SPKR PARTICIPATION -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf125402Tuesday19:30:007:30PMOne Day at a Time -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125632Tuesday20:00:008:00PMIrregulars Meeting / Los Amigos Group -- MONTEBELLOVirtual Only
asdfasdf2792Tuesday20:00:008:00PMOPEN ARMS GROUP -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf79712Tuesday20:00:008:00PMVenice Beach Men's Stag -- VENICEVirtual Only
asdfasdf482Tuesday20:00:008:00PMROXBURY GROUP -- BEVERLY HILLSVirtual Only
asdfasdf90082Tuesday20:00:008:00PMSOBRIETY HOUR AT ROSE HILL -- EAST L AVirtual Only
asdfasdf123522Tuesday20:00:008:00PMPopsicle Group -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf3632Tuesday20:00:008:00PMYOSEMITE -- HIGHLAND PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf126662Tuesday20:00:008:00PMGod is Gracious -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf16612Tuesday20:00:008:00PMSPEAKER PARTICIPATION -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf1412Tuesday20:00:008:00PMTUESDAY NIGHT SPEAKERS -- CULVER WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf6692Tuesday20:00:008:00PMARLINGTON BEGINNERS -- KOREATOWNVirtual Only
asdfasdf9302Tuesday20:00:008:00PMARROYO SECO SPEAKERS -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf65782Tuesday20:00:008:00PMBIG BOOK COMES ALIVE -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf88882Tuesday20:00:008:00PMCHILDREN OF CHAOS STEP STUDY -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf12352Tuesday20:00:008:00PMWESTCHESTER MEN'S STAG -- WESTCHESTERVirtual Only
asdfasdf123542Tuesday20:15:008:15PM11th Step Yoga and Meditation meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125802Tuesday20:30:008:30PM3 7 11 Step Prayers Meeting -- LOS ANGELES SOUTHVirtual Only
asdfasdf123342Tuesday20:30:008:30PMBYOBB -12 Steps & 12 Traditions - LGBTQIA+ -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73732Tuesday20:30:008:30PMSEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf125502Tuesday22:00:0010:00PMZombies -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf72022Tuesday22:00:0010:00PM12 AT 10 -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf72142Tuesday22:00:0010:00PMCANDLELIGHT PARTICIPATION -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf126222Tuesday22:00:0010:00PMLast Call -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124662Tuesday22:00:0010:00PMHP Over Covid 19 -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf81702Tuesday22:00:0010:00PMBARE BONES -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf123642Tuesday22:30:0010:30PMCurtain Call -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124512Tuesday23:00:0011:00PMMarina Center Late Night -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf92062Tuesday23:30:0011:30PMHOLLYWOOD LATE NIGHT -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf79442Tuesday23:55:0011:55PMTHE MIDNIGHT GROUP -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only