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Most AA meetings are still NOT operating in-person, but many have online meetings. Most of these meetings are now updated in our online directory below, but you can still access the old Google Sheet online meeting list. Read more about re-opening guidelines here.
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id day_sort Day time_sort Time Meeting Address Region Format
asdfasdf76984Thursday05:30:005:30AMAS BILL SEES IT -- NORTHRIDGEVirtual Only
asdfasdf87954Thursday06:00:006:00AMTHE EARLY SHOW -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf72334Thursday06:15:006:15AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- ALTADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf67534Thursday06:15:006:15AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- MONROVIAVirtual Only
asdfasdf63164Thursday06:15:006:15AMSUNRISE MEETING -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124354Thursday06:30:006:30AMPG & Chill Daily Reprieve -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf73614Thursday06:30:006:30AMATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT -- SOUTH PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf24024Thursday06:45:006:45AMSPIRITUAL DISCUSSION -- CANOGA PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf1374Thursday06:45:006:45AMSTEP WORKSHOP -- CULVER WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf124924Thursday06:45:006:45AMHole In The Sky -- Spiritual Discussion (Monday through Friday) -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf33444Thursday07:00:007:00AMWINNERS ATTITUDE ADJ -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf59264Thursday07:00:007:00AMEYE OPENER -- NORTHRIDGEVirtual Only
asdfasdf123824Thursday07:00:007:00AMA New Start -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf82964Thursday07:00:007:00AMSUN UP A A -- COVINAVirtual Only
asdfasdf30404Thursday07:00:007:00AMMARINA P ATTITUDE ADJ -- LONG BEACHVirtual Only
asdfasdf50324Thursday07:15:007:15AMA GATHERING OF MEN -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf79034Thursday07:15:007:15AMGrounded in the Cloud -- LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWNVirtual Only
asdfasdf84864Thursday07:30:007:30AM11TH STEP MORNING MEDITATION -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf13214Thursday07:30:007:30AMATTITUDE ADJUST STEPS & TRADS - Log Cabin -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf62274Thursday07:30:007:30AMCOVER TO COVER BIG BOOK STUDY -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf123794Thursday07:30:007:30AMOne Day at a Time - Women's -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123704Thursday08:00:008:00AMMiddle of the Formation -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126634Thursday09:00:009:00AMMom & Pop Shop: Parenting in Recovery -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125464Thursday09:05:009:05AMWomen & Non-Binary Inclusive Boundaries & Buttcheeks Big Book Study -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf67634Thursday09:30:009:30AMTHE FOURTH DIMENSION -- HERMOSA BEACHVirtual Only
asdfasdf47694Thursday10:00:0010:00AMEARLY BIRD BIG BOOK -- SAN MARINOVirtual Only
asdfasdf23094Thursday12:00:0012:00PM11TH STEP STUDY -- CRENSHAW/LEIMERT PARKVirtual Only
asdfasdf123184Thursday12:00:0012:00PMFarmers Mkt Lunch Bunch Big Book -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125884Thursday12:00:0012:00PM9604 Noon Meeting -- LOS ANGELES SOUTHVirtual Only
asdfasdf504Thursday12:00:0012:00PMCENTURY CITY LUNCH BUNCH -- CENTURY CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf54334Thursday12:00:0012:00PMGOOD DAY MEETING (MOORPARK) -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf126184Thursday12:00:0012:00PMThe Rad Pack Men’s Stag -- VAN NUYSVirtual Only
asdfasdf794Thursday12:00:0012:00PMPACIFIC PARK PARTICIPATION -- BURBANKVirtual Only
asdfasdf126494Thursday12:00:0012:00PMWE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf80564Thursday12:00:0012:00PMRAINBOW MEETING -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124344Thursday12:00:0012:00PMHole In The Sky -- Secular AA -- Secular 12 Steps -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf63004Thursday12:00:0012:00PMKEEP IT SIMPLE -- DOWNEYVirtual Only
asdfasdf125354Thursday12:00:0012:00PMThe Crenshaw Daily Noon Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf18014Thursday12:30:0012:30PMTHURSDAY TALKS -- ATWATERVirtual Only
asdfasdf46224Thursday12:30:0012:30PMCame to Believe Women's -- NORTH HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf124114Thursday13:00:001:00PMPG & Chill After Lunch -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf69504Thursday14:30:002:30PMGOOD TIMES GROUP -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf56764Thursday15:00:003:00PMHAPPY JOYOUS AT 3 -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf124934Thursday15:00:003:00PMCome One Come All -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123694Thursday16:00:004:00PMWest Hollywood Young Peoples -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123834Thursday16:30:004:30PM Grape Minds Think Alike: Grapevine Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126194Thursday17:00:005:00PMThe New Reality -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125194Thursday17:00:005:00PMAA Step Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125934Thursday17:30:005:30PMThis Too Shall Pass -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf26464Thursday17:45:005:45PMON THE WATERFRONT BEGINNERS -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf123104Thursday18:00:006:00PMGrounded As Bill Sees It -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125664Thursday18:00:006:00PMInto The Triad -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124154Thursday18:00:006:00PMCoexist -- RESEDAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124564Thursday18:00:006:00PMHole In The Sky -- Grapevine Meeting -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124124Thursday18:15:006:15PMWindsor Club Thursday 6:15PM Men's Stag. -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf17344Thursday18:15:006:15PMHAPPY HOUR -- HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf123114Thursday18:30:006:30PMSurf City Sobriety Open AA -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf77714Thursday18:30:006:30PMTHERE IS A SOLUTION -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf91614Thursday18:30:006:30PMInto Action -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf125594Thursday19:00:007:00PMSisters in Serenity -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf92374Thursday19:00:007:00PML'CLAIM, TO LIFE! -- PALMSVirtual Only
asdfasdf123214Thursday19:00:007:00PMHole in the Ground - Online -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125874Thursday19:00:007:00PMCrenshaw Groups -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125944Thursday19:00:007:00PMSecrets -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf77364Thursday19:00:007:00PMSUNSET GROUP -- SHERMAN OAKSVirtual Only
asdfasdf123554Thursday19:00:007:00PMBy The Book Steps & Tradition Study -- CULVER CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf80654Thursday19:00:007:00PMTORRANCE FELLOWSHIP -- TORRANCEVirtual Only
asdfasdf16824Thursday19:00:007:00PMPOWERLESS GROUP #1 -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124554Thursday19:00:007:00PM1DAAT -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf91574Thursday19:00:007:00PMTHE BOOKS CLUB -- SHERMAN OAKSVirtual Only
asdfasdf91604Thursday19:00:007:00PMMENDING FENCES -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124944Thursday19:00:007:00PM185 Man to Man Stag -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125084Thursday19:00:007:00PMPeggy Albrecht Friendly House Women's AA meeting -- KOREATOWNVirtual Only
asdfasdf79214Thursday19:00:007:00PMWE ARE RESPONSIBLE MEN'S -- STUDIO CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf125414Thursday19:00:007:00PMChapter 12 Co-Ed discussion -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf89934Thursday19:30:007:30PMTHE LIBERTY GROUP -- WESTWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf123264Thursday19:30:007:30PMH.O.W Now Las Encinas Thurs. Night -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf13294Thursday19:30:007:30PMJUST THE BLACK PRINT B B STUDY -- SHERMAN OAKSVirtual Only
asdfasdf123724Thursday19:30:007:30PMDark Secrets - Twilight Edition -- LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWNVirtual Only
asdfasdf124134Thursday19:30:007:30PMPrimary Purpose -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf68074Thursday19:30:007:30PMParagraph By Paragraph Big Book Study -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf80874Thursday19:30:007:30PMFITZROVIA -- VENICEVirtual Only
asdfasdf52734Thursday19:30:007:30PMHOW NOW PARTICIPATION -- PASADENAVirtual Only
asdfasdf124574Thursday19:30:007:30PMGreat Fact Men's -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf81284Thursday19:30:007:30PMTHE GREAT FACT MEN'S STAG -- CULVER CITYVirtual Only
asdfasdf19974Thursday19:30:007:30PMFIRESIDE CHAT -- PACIFIC PALISADESVirtual Only
asdfasdf91934Thursday19:30:007:30PMPRINCIPLES BEFORE PERSONALITIES -- SHERMAN OAKSVirtual Only
asdfasdf46044Thursday19:30:007:30PMWEST L A MEN'S STAG -- WESTWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf17984Thursday20:00:008:00PMWestchester Thursday Night Discussion -- WESTCHESTERVirtual Only
asdfasdf304Thursday20:00:008:00PMSPIN THE BOTTLE -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf123254Thursday20:00:008:00PMDOWNEY THURSDAY NIGHT SPEAKER MEETING -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf125924Thursday20:00:008:00PMThe Love Boat: How to Relation-Ship -- VAN NUYSVirtual Only
asdfasdf126264Thursday20:00:008:00PMGod is Gracious -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf16814Thursday20:00:008:00PMSPEAKER, TAG-PARTICIPATION -- SANTA MONICAVirtual Only
asdfasdf6764Thursday20:00:008:00PMARLINGTON SPEAKERS -- KOREATOWNVirtual Only
asdfasdf73664Thursday20:00:008:00PMW HOLLYWOOD YOUNG PEOPLE'S -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf125424Thursday20:00:008:00PMGod is Gracious -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf52774Thursday20:15:008:15PMTRUTH OR DARE -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf125144Thursday20:15:008:15PMNamaste Sober -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123354Thursday20:30:008:30PMBYOBB - Big Book Study - LGBTQIA+ -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf123804Thursday20:30:008:30PMThursday Alvarado - Echo Park AA -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf72614Thursday20:30:008:30PMECHO PARK A A -- SILVERLAKEVirtual Only
asdfasdf125704Thursday22:00:0010:00PMZombies -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf126234Thursday22:00:0010:00PMLast Call -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf72844Thursday22:00:0010:00PMWE ARE NOT A GLUM LOT -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only
asdfasdf81724Thursday22:00:0010:00PMBARE BONES -- HOLLYWOOD WESTVirtual Only
asdfasdf125954Thursday23:00:0011:00PM11pm Thurs LA Late Night Open -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf124144Thursday23:00:0011:00PMMarina Center Late night -- Not SetVirtual Only
asdfasdf89974Thursday23:30:0011:30PMHOLLYWOOD LATE NIGHT -- LOS FELIZVirtual Only
asdfasdf79464Thursday23:55:0011:55PMTHE MIDNIGHT GROUP -- WEST HOLLYWOODVirtual Only