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4849 Van Nuys Blvd
Suite 103
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


9:00AM The Steppers Fun Step Study

12:00PM Sober Parents

3:00PM House Of Cards

6:00PM The Fix At Six

7:30PM Young Zombies Young Peoples

8:30PM Outright Mental Defectives Of Aa Men's Stag

8:45PM Wheeling 2b Sober

10:00PM Zombies


9:00AM Breakfast Tacos

12:00PM Sober Is Sexy Noon

3:00PM Inside Issues Dual Diagnosis

4:30PM Hott Mess Express

5:00PM Happy Joyouse & Free In Sobriety

6:00PM The Fix At Six

7:00PM The 12 Steps Speaker Participation

8:30PM Wise Guys Men's Stag

10:00PM Zombies


9:00AM Rad Creatives In Aa

12:00PM Relapse Schmrelapse

3:00PM Act As If: Taking Contrary Action

3:00PM Living The Design

6:00PM The Fix At Six

6:00PM Tens Only: A 10th Step Meeting

7:30PM Children Of Chaos 12 X 12 Study

7:30PM Topic Lounge Men's Stag

10:00PM Zombies


9:00AM Mom & Pop Shop Sober Parents

12:00PM Zombies By Day

1:30PM Zaddies & Addies Lgbtqia2s+ & Allies

3:00PM Letting Go Of The Bull****

4:30PM Thirsty Thursdays

6:00PM The Fix At Six

7:30PM Wolf Pack Big Book Study

10:00PM Zombies


9:00AM Rise And Reflect

12:00PM Zombies By Day

3:00PM Aabundance

6:00PM The Fix At Six

6:45PM Women's Steps & Trads

8:00PM Freaky Friday

8:00PM The Closer

10:00PM Zombies


7:00AM Sitting Here Now

9:00AM Get The F*** Up!

12:00PM From The Bar To The Book

3:00PM Double D's Dual Diagnosis Sobriety

4:00PM Secular Healing: A Chapter For The Agnostic

6:00PM The Fix At Six

7:30PM Solutions In Sobriety

8:00PM The Get Down Epic Speaker

10:00PM Zombies


7:00AM Sitting Here Now

8:00AM 11th Step Prayer & Meditation

11:00AM Sister To Sister: Inclusive Women's Big Book Study

12:30PM Men's Sunday Stag Nation

3:00PM No Blame Game, Own That S***

5:00PM The Upside

6:00PM The Fix At Six

7:00PM Open Up Open Mic Performers Meeting

10:00PM Zombies

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